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We manage your OnlyFans and other accounts, so you can focus on creating content for your fans. FanPup makes your experience as a content creator simple and stress free.




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With our expertise, you can increase several thousand followers every day. We’ll show you the pitfalls and how to avoid them.


A lot of creators produce content, but it doesn’t work and they don’t make money. For this you need a plan. We show you how!


Followers regularly expect content from you and we help you with a content plan so that you can focus on other aspects of the business.


Content creators gets demotivated at times. Money is the biggest motivation and we keep that comming.

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When can I start?

We take care of your OnlyFans account, so you can focus on creating content for your fans. FanPup makes your experience as a content creator simple and stress free.

What do your services include?

Chat management, copywriting, content scheduling, viral social media strategies, content plans and more! Our services are tailored specifically for you.

I don’t have an OnlyFans account or I have a very small subscriber base, is this service right for me?

Don’t worry, we take all accounts of any sort. Even if you haven’t started yet.

I already have a large following, but I cannot manage it on my own anymore, is this service right for me?

We have proven ways to increase revenue for top 0% creators who are looking to take their page to the next level. We have teams working 24/7 to make the most out of a large fanbase.

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